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spensah_daily's Journal

A Katharine Hepburn Community

Katie Hepburn Daily
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Katharine Hepburn Daily Picture Community
partybird: Should there be more info?
violettavalery: oh, probably.
partybird: Like...
partybird: This is where... we post pictures of Katharine Hepburn. Like... daily.

partybird: Disclaimer: There will never, ever be a picture from Lion in Winter posted here. *Ever*.
violettavalery: *nods approvingly*

Q: Why is this called spensah_daily when it's about Katharine Hepburn?
A: Stop asking nosy questions.

Unlike those other KH comms out there, which are for suckahs, spensah_daily brings you manageable-sized pictures daily. And we occasionally have theme weeks. And update like clockwork. If your clock is one of those that runs down from time to time (hah! pun indeed!).